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Çelik Yapı Tanıtım Filmi

atomer yoney1




Our land on 297.000 m² area is located in 3rd kilometer of forest road diverted to right from

Köroğlu Region of Bolu Mountain on İstanbul-Ankara D100 highway (2 km before Koru Motel when



About 60% of land which is in the middle of evergreen and virgin forest is covered with the

forest. As the land has a slope of 30% from south to the north bringing a wider viewing area. Apart

from 3 km forest road mentioned above, there are 3 other accessing alternatives for our land. These

alternatives are in length of 3.5 km and 8 km. As one of the alternatives goes through settlement areas

(through the Village), we are on the opinion that 3 km road going through the virgin forest is the best

choice of access to the land. Respective road is also called former Baghdad Road and the distance of

the land to this historic route is 350 meters. This road also constitutes 1040 point which is the peak

point of the land. There are two soft water springs on our land. The geophysical studies performed on

the land show and evidence that there are underground soft water reserves in 55 m depth of the land;

the reports also tell about possibility of availability of thermal hot water sources on the land as the

rocks of the land have volcanic characteristics.

As majority of the land is coveted with various types of threes, it is a sad but true that tens of

trees will have to be cut in order to construct the buildings on the site.

Together Abant, Gölcük, Yedigöller, Kartalkaya, Konuralp, Akçakoca, Samander, with the

waterfalls Samandere and Guzeldere, Aladağlar,Goynük and other uncountable beauties, our land is

just in the middle of Bolu and Düzce Region. Unfortunately, in spite of having abundance of rare and

unique beauties of te world, this region is very far from getting its share in both domestic and foreign

tourism due to inadequacies resulted from different reasons.



Our land used to comprise 15 base plots. Pursuant to purchasing surround plots, we have

applied to relevant Provincial Directorate of Tourism to get permission and license for construction

touristic accommodation (hotel) and II. residences (villas) on the land. We have received opinions and

permits about 15 public authorities. Pursuant to these positive results, we have prepared 1/ 1000 scaled

map of the land and its surrounding areas. After getting approval for the map, we have prepared

location public works plan. We have completed public works pursuant to getting approval for location

public works. We have created 6 different housing plots after public works performed. We have

received the deeds of the plots in recent months. The plots are adjacent to each other.

The areas of the plots:

Plot 251 =45412,11 m²

Plot 30 = 23242,90 m²

Plot 31 =64546,89 m²

Plot 32 =51187,89 m²

Plot 14 =58241,37 m²

Plot 28 =4082,49 m² (The plot is left as treatment plant on the plans.)

As it is evident from the areas that the plots cover, 246713,00 m² area remains after deducting green

sites and road construction years. The coefficient (construction permitted area) in our plan note is 1/1.

That is, it is possible to construct hotel and villas on 246713,00 m² area. We have satellite pictures of

50 km area to help the investors getting an opinion about the view of the area. Then, we assigned a

design office to design a complex comprising 2 hotels and tens of villas supporting these studies with

any views and presentations in “avi” format, we have created an introduction CD. The coordinates of

the land are 40° 43 minutes 51 seconds in the north and 31° 23 minutes 11 seconds in the east.



We think that there are 3 factors to be considered in an investment project for the area

especially in terms of facilities of the land and its surrounding environment.

  1. a) Summer tourism activities
  2. b) Winter tourism activities
  3. c) Sports tourism activities


The region begins to enjoy any tone of green at the beginning of May. There is urgent need for

tourist accommodation facilities to host both domestic and foreign tourist willing to enjoy this

splendid experience. For example, there are four hotels, 2 on Abant Region, 1 on Kartalkaya and 1 on

D100( Koru Motel) to meet domestic and foreign tourist geographies who are keenly interested in

Abant and its surrounding regions especially complain about respective deficiency of hotels and

accommodation opportunities.

Our land is in 12 km northern distance to Abant. Total 12 km area is fully covered with the forest.

As the possibility of connecting 2 hotels to be constructed to Abant through 12 km cableway and its

cost are totally technical matters, what I mention is just an offer. We have observed that the foreigner

tourists saying on hotels in the region largely complain about deficiency of the social activities offered

by the hotels. Considering that usage of cableway is only limited with the winter tourism season in our

country, the opportunity for 12 km cableway journey through dense and virgin forests and wildlife will

provide a unique value to the accommodation buildings to be constructed.

Abundant must see natural beauties in the middle of İstanbul-Ankara, two metropolitan cities in

1,5 hour away from them, and being the attraction center for the people of especially Gulf countries

are just reasons for requirement of investment in the region.


The winter season condition that begins in November continues until April. As the altitude of our

land is 1000 m, the region has remarkable snowfall in wintertime. The average thickness of snowfall is

1 m for last 5 years time. The side of the land from south to north is 800 m long and the slope is 30%;

therefore, we are on the opinion that it may be suitable for a amateurish ski run. However, it is not

convenient to speak more about these matters as we are not sure about technical requirements of such

choices. Such decisions should be derived by the experts of the issue pursuant to running in site

researches and studies on the plots of the area. If the feasibility studies for the ski run conditions are

found to be convenient: the region will be the most convenient ski run in terms of access to the


As the land is surrounded with the forest, sightseeing and trekking routes may be determined upon

rehabilitation of the forest roads ( the pertinent laws read that the touristic facilities adjacent to the

forest areas may use respective areas provided that they comply with the requirements settled).


Most of our football teams in professional football leagues prefer Austria, Sweden and German

located on outskirts of Alp Mountains for their camping activities before start of the league Hundreds

thousand of Euro leave the national economy due to lack of facilities in spite of having same altitude

level, more oxygen rate and natural beauties. Considering that Antalya has created a sports tourism as

it does not have any facility deficiency and as it has an advantageous climatic conditions, we sincerely

believe that our region will be one of the most important sports centers for all world football teams

after completing touristic building investment. As the sport facilities of the hotels in the region are

very limited, the region cannot make use of pre-season period. There are rangelands in surrounding of

our land which are wide enough to place 8 football field.


In the land, the hotels and villas as well as flats and season properties that are convenient to the Arab

culture can be constructed. The land is very beautiful through four seasons. In winters, there is white

snow. In spring, trees, grass and plants turn to green. Summer months are chilly and so, during some

days, heaters are used. Autumn is parti-colored. Prior to every thing, the land is the oxygen store of

Turkey which is the cure of every affliction. Furthermore, in this business, there is very high profit.

Take the example of season property. There is 250.000 m2 constructible land which can be constructed

as 2.500 flats with the area of 100 m2. If those houses are exploited as lifetime season properties of 15

days and if one week is reserved for reparation and maintanence, there remains 23 season property

periods. Therefore, each of 23 lifetime season properties can be sold to only Muslims in one year as

the value of 10.000 $ easily with the provision that it must be for lifetime. Some people can purchase

for winter, some for summer and others for autumn and spring.

In Turkey, banks prepare expertise reports over the real estate property of firms so that they

determine the assets of firms. According to this, then, they provide assurance letters to the firms.

Particularly, the assurance letters are very important for construction firms because they use those

assurance letters frequently. As I learned from the banks secretly, they have prepared an expertise

report shown below.


2.500 flats x 23 season property periods = 57.500 periods

57.500 periods x 10.000$ (for 15 days) = 575 million $

575 million $ -150 million $ (250.000m2 x 600$/m2 construction cost) = 425 million $

425 million $ – 25 million $ (2.500 flats x 10.000 $ each one) = 400 million $

400 million $ – 50 million $ (unknown costs) = 350 million $

350 million $ – 115 million $ (to the owners of the land) = 235 million $ NET PROFIT

At the down side of this land, there is Başyazıcıoğlu Bolu Mountain Houses which can be

examined in our web side. We sell the duplex flats which have an area of 250 m2 to 160.000 $. It is a

fact that it is not possible to find any land which is in the middle of the forests and also which is with

public works (the permission to make the construction). This land is the land that cannot be bought by

money. I took it from around 500 villagers through small quantities. I have been dealing with it to

evaluate for ten years. The land has a register

record and public works. It has a wonderful natural landscape and also three ways. It cannot be

explained in words. Therefore, I INVITE YOU TO SHOW THE LAND.

About this land;

  1. We can sell it. Its value is 115 million dollars.
  2. If an apartment, a villa, a hotel or a season property is built, 3/1 is ours and 3/2 belongs to the

one who builds it. In Turkey when the owner of the property gives the land to the constructor,

they share the apartments according to the agreement. For instance, the owner of the land

takes 10 apartments and the constructor takes 5 apartments.

  1. Turnover sharing

3/1 of money comes from the sale belongs to us, 3/2 belongs to the person who builds it.

  1. We can establish partnership

We can become partners up to %50.


Even If you are interested in buying this land which is ready for construction, we may provide you our

Sale price as per the valuatıon or we may organize visit to the land or we may visit you to give further information.

Especially European Seniors could be hosted at 40 % comperatıvely low prıces than in Europe,under the supervision of European Social and Medical Standarts,which will create an attractıon by the Europe Social Insurance systems.

Hope to consult you more,


TURKEY+CYPRUS+EUROPEAN citizen Certified Civil Engineer Project Manager Building Inspector

ATOMER YONEY-Investor Consultant

00 90 555 219 89 46


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